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Ollie Hall

Field Recordist, IT Professional, Music Enthusiast

Welcome to my homepage. The hub for my online presence.

I’m a Microsoft certified IT professional with a degree in physics, a pretentious music taste, and an enthusiasm for good beer, coffee and vintage sci-fi editions.

In my spare time I make binaural field recordings, which I publish on Soundcloud and The Binaural Diaries, and make music under the aliases Stellar Mass and bad_sector.

Occasionally I design and build websites using WordPress.

The Binaural Diaries

In 2006, inspired by recordings I heard on the Wire magazine’s Wire Tapper compilation series and Aaron Ximm’s Quiet American website, I picked up some amateur recording equipment and started documenting sounds for pleasure.

Shortly after, I started the Binaural Diaries blog and have been ‘sporadically’ sharing my recordings ever since.

It still appears to be a niche interest, but over the years I see more and more amateur recordists sharing their work online. The amount of feedback from visitors has also increased and I’ve learned that people get pleasure from playing field recordings as background ambience as much as focused listening using headphones for the binaural effect.

I hope you continue to enjoy the recordings as I grow the site and find inspiration in the incidental and serendipitous.

WordPress Design & Maintenance

I create modern, responsive and affordable WordPress websites for individuals and small business.

I work with clients to deliver websites that express the unique character and style of their project or venture, and the choice of platform, empowers clients to manage future content updates without having to rely on additional support.

I can also offer my expertise to help with the support and maintenance of existing WordPress websites.

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